– JPMorgan’s gold ‘boss’ led group plot to spoof prices, jury told

Jul 29, 2022   Bloomberg News | July 28, 2022 | 1:43 pm Intelligence USA Gold  File image. Michael Nowak was “the boss” of a plot at JPMorgan Chase & Co. to manipulate gold and silver prices and worked with the top trader and salesman on the bank’s precious metals desk to “spoof” markets with bogus buy and sell orders, a federal prosecutor told jurors in Chicago. “For years, executives...

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Hawkeye Gold begins 2022 field exploration

Jul 29, 2022

2022-07-28 17:12 ET – News Release   Mr. Greg Neeld reports HAWKEYE MOBILIZES FOR EXPLORATION ACTIVITIES AT ITS SELLER CREEK AND 2 ACES WEST PROPERTIES — BARKERVILLE, BC Hawkeye Gold & Diamond Inc. has started field exploration over its 100-per-cent-owned Seller Creek, Cariboo Valley and 2 Aces West properties, building on results gathered during the first phase of exploration work performed during September and October, 2021. These contiguous properties cover approximately...

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