Bull Market News Services

Press releases are documents that detail what’s new, different, or exciting about your business. Press releases can not only act as a main attraction for the public. They are also a key to make it easy for news distributors to understand how their audience might benefit by learning more about your business.

A tight, one-page press release that captures the most newsworthy information about your corporation can persuade key media contacts to write a story and mention your business favorably.

We provide:

  • Database includes brokers, analysts, and private investors.

  • Website advertising with global exposure.

  • Market your company for $4995 per year.

  • Website gets over 55,000 visitors monthly.

We have excellent relationships with successful brand name market research firms.

Building a business development program and creating market awareness is not an isolated event, but a systematic, comprehensive process requiring a multifaced approach and continuous energetic effort.