Re-2Ox – A Green Innovation from Canada Silver Cobalt Works

The Biggest Challenge

True sustainability can only be achieved with an efficient way to capture valuable materials in spent batteries and diverting them from landfills.

It’s very easy to be different

Canada Silver Cobalt will use a purely hydrometallurgical approach by employing Re-2Ox for selective leaching to enhance the recovery of metals. Recycling plants that use hydrometallurgy exclusively are rare; Canada Silver Cobalt will be the first in North America to use this method.


The Re-2Ox process takes metal-rich mining concentrates or recycled battery materials and converts them into premium value-added battery materials.


Re-2Ox skips the smelting process, as it is a “green” hydrometallurgical process that is closed-loop with zero discharge and it effectively eliminates many undesirable elements such as arsenic.


Re-2Ox has produced in lab tests a premium-grade 22.6% Cobalt Hexahydrate that exceeds the technical specifications of cathode producers in Asia.


SGS Canada (Lakefield) is designing and building a Re-2Ox Pilot Plant, which is a critical step in our strategy to accelerate the production of battery metals for the EV market.


Re-2Ox is currently being tested to recover and recycle metals from Lithium-ion, Nickel-hydride and Nickel-cadmium batteries as part of an initiative to capture valuable materials and also divert spent batteries from landfills.


As one of the few “green” processes in the world available for battery production and recycling, Re-2Ox will serve a “supercycle” market for EV batteries and meet the needs of the recycling sector that is struggling to develop capacity.