Bull Market News Services

Press releases are documents that detail what’s new, different, or exciting about your business. Press releases can not only act as a main attraction for the public. They are also a key to make it easy for news distributors to understand how their audience might benefit by learning more about your business.

A tight, one-page press release that captures the most newsworthy information about your corporation can persuade key media contacts to write a story and mention your business favorably.

Our marketing database for corporate news releases is growing rapidly each quarter. We provide:

  • High volume distribution to selected countries.
  • Database includes brokers, analysts, and private investors.
  • Corporate news sent to world markets in under 2 hours.
  • Website advertising with global exposure.
  • Market your company at extremely competitive rates.

BullMarketNews.com offers press release distribution packages on relevant vertical market segments where the distribution list can be filtered by geographical region. Your press release will be distributed online, syndicated to third-party sites and direct through direct e-mail campaign to brokers, investment analysts, and private investors. This is an effective way to disseminate important information about your company while also generating traffic and inbound links for your website.



We provide facilitation services to help our clients raise capital by introducing them to a key network of financial industry professionals.

Excellent relationships with successful brand name market research firms.